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We’d like to share with you how doing things the Blend way can boost not only your business but your lifestyle too.

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What brings you here?

You’re most likely to be an entrepreneur who has a hands-on role earning their main income through their own SME business. You’ll have worked hard to build your business up, have a small team of staff who you’re responsible for, and the buck stops with you.

You’ll be wanting help with making sound financial judgements and looking to avoid the pitfalls of any financial problems as your business grows.

It will go without saying that you work hard to make things work. It’s a fact that nearly half of the UK’s entrepreneurs work between 50 and 60 hours each week. But at what cost?

Many business owners end up missing out on celebrations and events with friends and family but, even more importantly, many miss out on the important daily enjoyment of spending time with and caring for their loved ones – missed bed and bath times, missed school sports days and parents’ evenings, missed meals and catch up chats … the list of times we can never get back goes on.

It’s not just a numbers game … how overworking can harm you and your business

Business owners need to keep a close eye on their company’s financial health to make the good stuff happen and bolster success … 

But not at the expense of their own physical and mental health and lifestyle.

Overworking in your business can cause poor decisions to be made, burnout, low productivity and mental and physical health problems. It’s one big reason why businesses go under, as well as having a massively negative effect on family and personal life.

Does any of this sound like you?


We’ve got the perfect Blend

We believe you can have it all.

Phil Tarbun, a commercially-minded accountant and tax advisor, set up his firm eight years ago while he was trying to bring up a young family and grow his business. He found that neither was happening in quite the way he wanted it to. So he took a look at how he could work smarter not harder and grow a successful and profitable business with fun and family at the core too.

Passionate about helping people like him to grow their business and support their family, Phil went ‘on a big journey’ and set up Blend Accountants to help make a difference to his clients’ lives and ensure that they enjoy their business, while adding value and helping them to grow and improve profit by focusing on impact and not just on top-line sales.

The team at Blend Accountants works with a small number of clients who share their values and are a ‘good fit’. They work with you to save time, reduce stress, and save money putting strategies and processes in place to ensure that your business will remain robust and work just as well without you, allowing you more time to spend in guilt-free enjoyment.

Blend has been instrumental in helping businesses owners achieve their dreams.

The best things in life are free – check out what Blend Accountants is giving away

Phil Tarbun and Richard Parker have partnered up to share their expertise with you in their book The Perfect Blend for a Successful Business Get the book …

Phil Tarbun and Richard Parker have partnered up to share their expertise with you in their book The Perfect Blend for a Successful Business sign up here for your free copy.

Their acclaimed 150 plus page publication contains amazing strategies for any business to implement in sales and watch their profitability grow and their cashflow improve. The easy-to-read book helps readers with strategic focus and a range of practical actions alongside real examples of how this can be put into practice successfully and the risks of getting it wrong.

Efficient and effective processes are a key feature of the book and how to set up, map and analyse these.

“You’ll love the real-life stories and the oh-so-simple insights. And better yet, you’ll see the profits flowing back into your business in a heartbeat. It really is that simple and that quick!”
Paul Dunn, author of The Firm of the Future


“A definitive book on business that uses devastatingly simple language and examples to get across profoundly powerful ideas that will transform your results.”
David Thomas, Sunday Times No.1 bestselling author

Other free help available includes …

Free System Builder software to systemise your business

Free Benchmarking against competitors in your industry

Free Key Improvement Possibilities Report

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What Blend Accountants can do for you

We’re unique in our commitment to being proactive and forward thinking and to working in partnership with you. All of our services are bound by accountability to you the client. We compile action plans after our meetings and stay engaged with you, contacting you regularly and encouraging you to get in touch with us and talk whenever you need to.

Blend’s expert and experienced team can help you put together the blue print for a successful business, offering you a service to match your needs in a range of packaged solutions:

5 Star for Business Growth – We help you grow your business

4 star for Tax Minimisation – We help you to pay the minimum amount of tax possible

3 Star Compliance – We keep you on the good side of HMRC

Don’t just take our word for it

We’re featured as a stand out and forward thinking company in The Business Owner’s Guide to the UK’s Best Accountants for 2019. We have been celebrated for our flagship standards with awards for Business Clarity and for our Customer Committed Team in the AVN Awards.

We’re totally invested in seeing our clients happy and doing well, and they’ve got some very positive things to say about us too:

“Since we started working with Blend, we have more of a handle on our figures than ever before. We talk with them regularly and meet up with them at least every three months to see how the business is doing. They always have some idea which we haven’t considered that might be of use to us. They are also keen to make sure we are getting as much value out of our services as possible. All of their services are unconditionally guaranteed; so we have nothing to lose!”
Odin Events


“The transition to working with Blend Accountants was a great success and the difference in service I get compared to my last accountant of three years is almost immeasurable. I get great responsive service now and trust Blend as advisors to my business as well as being my accountants. Outstanding service.”
Dave Rainford Painting and Decorating Services

Values are important to us

Our values mean the world to us. They’re the beliefs upon which our business is based; they guide our daily actions; they underpin our relationships; they’re our inspiration for the future:

Check out our core values …

Aspire to inspire

Take ownership

Family first

Seriously fun

Total dedication

Our carefully considered business values are always at the heart of everything we do for our clients.

Blend is proud to be part of AVN

AVN is an industry body that welcomes the UK’s best accountants as defined by a robust set of standards. As members of AVN, we’re committed to helping people to make better lifestyle choices and to delivering a high value service with a ‘wow’ factor. Together, we’re committed to helping grow more successful businesses that are also enjoyable to run.

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