What brings you here?

You’re most likely to be an entrepreneur who has a hands-on role earning their main income through their own SME business. You’ll have worked hard to build your business up, have a small team of staff who you’re responsible for, and the buck stops with you.

You’ll be wanting help with making sound financial judgements and looking to avoid the pitfalls of any financial problems as your business grows.

It will go without saying that you work hard to make things work. It’s a fact that nearly half of the UK’s entrepreneurs work between 50 and 60 hours each week. But at what cost?

Many business owners end up missing out on celebrations and events with friends and family but, even more importantly, many miss out on the important daily enjoyment of spending time with and caring for their loved ones – missed bed and bath times, missed school sports days and parents’ evenings, missed meals and catch up chats … the list of times we can never get back goes on.

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